Hey, Champs!

First of all, I’m super excited to announce that I’m now a contributing writer for TheGrio.com! The Grio is a video-centric news community site devoted to providing African-Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to them, but are underrepresented in existing national news outlets.


I’ve got an outpouring of encouraging words and support for all of my work thus far and when I announced the news on me personal Facebook page, the response was amazing! Thank you. I wouldn’t have these amazing opportunities to share my writing without you reading.

So you know my very first story had to be about something social media related, right? It’s an inspirational one that I was so excited to write about because it’s news we could all use.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the now-viral Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by Humans of New York [HONY] (one of my FAVORITE blogs and Facebook pages) and the Mott Hall Bridges Academy located in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, NYC.

I’ve written before about viral crowd funding campaigns and why they’re so successful. But the power and sheer reach of social media continues to blow my mind every time I hear stories like these. The principal of Mott Hall, Ms. Lopez wanted to incorporate a visit to Harvard University for each incoming sixth grade class to show the students (she affectionately calls “scholars”) just how limitless their potential is (despite their undeserved surroundings in Brownsville, a neighborhood with the highest crime rate in all of NYC). So, the photographer for HONY, Brandon Stanton, Ms. Lopez and other members of her staff decided to put their heads together and eventually came up with the idea to launch a crowd funding campaign to appeal to HONY’s 11 million Facebook followers and broader online community. Mott Hall’s initial goal was $100k, which would be enough to fund the trips for 3 incoming classes of 6th graders.

Humans of New York; Crowdfunding; They're Winning

*in my Upworthy voice*…and you won’t believe what happens next…

I love how HONY used their authentic storytelling to leverage their highly engaged online community for a great cause. That’s why social media will always have my heart. Without it, raising these much-needed funds for this school would have been virtually impossible.

Check out the full article over at TheGrio to see how this inspirational story unfolds…and how much money this school was able to raise in just 48 hours. They’re definitely winning. I guarantee it’ll uplift you on this Monday :).

What do you think of the Humans of New York and Mott Hall Bridges Academy crowd funding campaign? 

P.S.: There’s still time left to give to this awesome campaign (it ends February 5th). Go here to see the whole campaign and how a donation could make an impact.

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