*Beyonce voice*: I’ve been writin’, I’ve been writin’!…

…and I’m super excited to announce that I’m now serving as a Small Business Digital Contributor to BlackEnterprise.com. For those not familiar, Black Enterprise is a premiere resource for entrepreneurship and small business, providing leaders with business strategy information, resources and tools.

I’m elated that I’ll get a chance to share valuable insights to small business owners on how to best leverage social media and other digital resources for maximum impact and potential!

Honestly, I grew up hearing great things about Black Enterprise and when I finally decided to take the dive into entrepreneurship, Black Enterprise served as a useful resource in navigating the sometimes uncertain terrain of business.  I feel profoundly privileged to have such a rich opportunity (see what I did there!?).

My first article is up and it’s about using LinkedIn, an amazing professional platform, to network your way to success. Long thought of as a place to merely post a resume online, LinkedIn has evolved and is changing the way we network professionally. Whether you’re a consultant or entrepreneur looking to grow your business, or a professional in the midst of job hunting, don’t sleep on the power of LinkedIn. I share 6 ways tips to use LinkedIn to earn more opportunity, close more deals and gain more visibility!

LinkedIn; Social Media; Networking; Black Enterprise

Please check it out here and let me know what you think!

How do you use LinkedIn: are you an active user getting myriad opportunities, or are you a passive resume poster?


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