Ever wonder how elite athletes or entertainers are able to BEAST on the field, on the court or on the stage?

They tap into their alter egos.

I know, I know…it sounds crazy. But it works.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Art of Charm one day and they had a guest who was an expert high performance coach (his name is Todd Herman). In the episode, they talked about what it means to “be in the zone” or “beast mode” and a little bit about how high performers get there.

Then, Todd said something that really intrigued me. He said that one of the key ways high performers get into the zone is by tapping into their alter ego. They have a ritual and/or a symbolic item/artifact they wear that allows them to transform into another person – literally.

How Beyonce Does It

It hit me. So thaaaaat’s why Beyonce is Sasha Fierce on the stage! How do I know? On the stage, she’s aggressive, sexy, confident and seemingly fearless. In interviews she’s almost shy and quite humble. It’s like she really does transform into another being. Check out her brief explanation of Sasha Fierce, below.

Now, contrast that interview above with how she KILLS the stage (can you tell I’m a part of the #Beyhive?! I’ve always longed to find a way to connect Beyonce to business…LOL)

See the difference?!

(Now, I know she said she “killed” Sasha Fierce because she doesn’t need her anymore, but still. It was the most relevant example for ME, since I’m not athletic.)

How We Should Approach Beast Mode

It all makes sense now. It’s a whole new approach to becoming a high performer and a pretty awesome productivity hack.

So, it got me thinking critically about how I can better trigger myself into my high performance state. It inspired me to ask the questions: what is my alter ego? And what do I do when I need to “get in the zone?”

One of the things I also enjoyed hearing while listening to this episode was that contrary to popular belief, it’s not always necessary to be in the zone. As a matter of fact, if you’re a high performer, I learned, that “the zone” is a pretty special – almost sacred space – that you go into to get things done, or to perform. Todd remarked, hilariously, that if we were always dwelling in the zone, we’d most likely get hit by a bus: it’s just that intense of an experience. Why?

Well, our focus and concentration are all directed toward the task, the job or the performance at hand. We’re all in. Some actually call it the “flow” state.

You know the feeling: you lose all sense of space and/or time, you’re doing things rapidly and almost flawlessly. It’s like nirvana. All entrepreneurs desire to get to those states more often so we can ignite our creativity, create products and service offerings people can’t resist and be our best selves!

So, since I’m focused on becoming more of a high performer and entering that space more consistently, I wanted to know: who’s your alter ego and how do you “get in the zone”?

I’d love to know!

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