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The most important story ever told

…is the one you’re telling yourself. What are you telling yourself about your product or service? What are you telling yourself about your knowledge, expertise or skills and abilities? What are you telling yourself about your potential clients and customers…and what more… What are you telling yourself about how much value your products or services bring? …perhaps more importantly: Are...

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Branding; The Champ Media Agency

What’s one of THE hardest questions to answer in an interview setting? “Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?”  It’s funny, because it should be the easiest because who knows you better than…YOU? In times past, I dreaded this question, because it wasn’t easy. And I consider myself to be pretty loquacious. I always grappled with how to...

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#GameChangHER; Jai Stone; Entrepreneurship

Let me tell you about the best networking event I’ve ever been to (I don’t even want to call it that, because it felt like a meet-up with old friends): the #GameChangHER Brunch Series. The brunch series, hosted by branding extraordinaire, Jai Stone, is an intimate event with a small group of women entrepreneurs. The sole purpose of the brunch is to...

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