…is the one you’re telling yourself.

What are you telling yourself about your product or service?

What are you telling yourself about your knowledge, expertise or skills and abilities?

What are you telling yourself about your potential clients and customers…and what more…

What are you telling yourself about how much value your products or services bring?

…perhaps more importantly: Are all those things really true?

Let me explain by sharing a story about one of my most recent experiences.

Even as rock star entrepreneurs, there are some days where we dread getting out of bed…or we wish we could crawl in a hole to escape the to-do list, the hard decisions and the straight up WORK it takes to keep this thing going!

The last couple of weeks I had been feeling that way. Just feeling…blehhh.

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It’s interesting because for me, feelings like that usually come either right before I take a big leap or right after. This time, I was feeling the after-effects the fear of the potential consequences  of a BIG investment I made in my business.

I hired a business coach. It was a pretty penny.

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Yea, I did my due diligence and researched, asked questions, slept on it, prayed about it…all that. And when I made the decision, I was confident about making it. But then…after the first couple of sessions when the real work came  and I realized I wasn’t as clear on some things as I once was…

I started playing the worst case scenario in my mind. What if I didn’t get the ROI I wanted out of this investment? What if I end up losing money instead of increasing my revenue? What if I can’t do it? What if this wasn’t the right time? What if I don’t know enough to execute? What if I made a bad move?

Then, I started trying to talk myself out of the decision (after it was already made!). I started hedging my bets and preparing myself for the possibility of losing. I started telling myself that I didn’t know enough to capitalize on this investment – that maybe I shouldn’t be in business right now. I told myself that mayyyybe the market was too crowded for people buy from me. I told myself that I didn’t have the community in place I needed to take my business to the next level. I started feeling like a fraud because I had helped others market their business successfully, but I was struggling to market my own.

I couldn’t snap out of it.

The Negative Nancy chorus was so loud that I could barely think straight. They were so off key in my brain that they drowned out any and all of the wonderful possibilities of the BEST case scenario that could happen as a result of making this move…

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…the clarity I’d find, the learning curve I’d cut, the leaps and bounds I’d make, the personal attention and guidance I’d receive, and the growing I’d do, and the money I’d make.

See, I was telling myself a story that was rooted entirely in fear because I don’t always deal well with uncertainty.

The funny part of all this is, about 90% of the stuff I was telling myself was imagined. It wasn’t real. But it felt real. Because of that story I was telling myself, I felt all the effects of it physically and mentally.

It ruined my productivity, my mind was constantly unclear and it was threatening my work.

I’m managing to tell myself a more positive, realistic story by ensuring I stick to a morning self-care routine, identifying the exact things I need to get clear on in order to make progress, asking for help, and understanding that success is a process. It won’t happen overnight.

See, while it’s important to build your brand by getting really great at telling your story to your target community, it’s even MORE imperative to first understand and take control over the story you’re telling yourself.

So I’ll ask you…

What stories are you telling yourself?

More importantly: Are all those things really true? Or are these stories rooted in fear and the worst-case scenario?

It matters greatly because the story you tell yourself about you and your business sets the stage for how others (especially your potential clients and customers) will view you.


Now, it’s important to be real with yourself. So, don’t take this as me saying that all you have to do is pat yourself on the back and everything will be okay. That’s not always true. There’s always work to be done, always more knowledge to be attained, always more skills to be sharpened…always more to learn.

But, I’m learning that I’m my own worst critic. I almost NEVER cut myself slack, I sometimes neglect to value the knowledge and skills I DO have, and I sometimes struggle to fully understand the value I bring to others by doing what I do.

If you can’t embrace the things you DO know, the things you CAN do, you surely can’t expect others to, either.

Do you want to buy anything from anyone who’s not confident in their ability to create or produce what you’ve bought from them?

Me either.

That’s why, BOTTOM LINE, the story you tell yourself…

…is the most important story you will ever tell.

What story are you telling yourself? Can you relate to being in a biz-related funk? I’m curious to hear from you and how you’ve gotten out it. Sound off below!


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