In my latest for Black Enterprise, I talk about how to maintain a positive working relationship with your hired freelancer or consultant.

Whether you have a dream team or are a solopreneur, there will come a time when you’ll likely have to hire an expert’s help for things you can’t necessarily take care of in-house.

That’s where freelancers or consultants come in. You can obtain resources, tools or specialized counsel from these individuals by purchasing these services from experts without permanently adding them onto your team. Freelancers and consultants can be invaluable to your business, which is why it’s imperative that you as a business owner maintain a positive working relationship with these professionals.

Many times, these relationships go smoothly, eventually evolving into long-term agreements. Sometimes, however, things don’t always go so well, making freelancers or consultants consider the tough decision to fire you as their client because of some key violations.

Hiring a Freelancer; Black Enterprise; The Champ Media Agency

Check out 6 common mistakes to avoid when hiring a freelancer or consultant, here!

Don’t get fired by your freelancer! [Yes, it is possible because the client isn’t always right].


What has been your experience with hiring freelancers/consultants? How did you maintain a positive working relationship?

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