What’s one of THE hardest questions to answer in an interview setting?

“Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?” 

It’s funny, because it should be the easiest because who knows you better than…YOU?

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In times past, I dreaded this question, because it wasn’t easy.

And I consider myself to be pretty loquacious.

I always grappled with how to describe myself in a way that didn’t include my entire life story, that wasn’t generic…and frankly, that wasn’t boring.
It’s funny because most of us know what we’re good at and what we’re passionate about, and even what our weaknesses are, but when it comes time to describing ourselves in a way that’s impactful, short and sweet, we sometimes fall short when we only have a small amount of time to make a dynamic first impression.

Okay…maybe not you (because you’re awesome). But I know I do.

Being interviewed is not limited to job hunting. Even if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re being “interviewed” by potential clients and customers. So, it’s necessary to “brand” yourself in a way that’s compelling.

What’s funny is, there’s a crazy amount of content on the web about how to do this very thing. And to be honest, I’ve seen some pretty crappy definitions of branding and some of this stuff out here can get pretty confusing.

So, to make it easy on ya, the most important part you should remember about branding is it’s about how the world sees you.

So you have to market yourself.

You have to stand out in sometimes saturated industries and markets.

You have to go way beyond being “interesting.” You have to be fascinating.

And that’s a lot of pressure.

But guess what? You already are! (Fascinating, that is…and no, I’m not just saying that).

But it’s hard to see yourself within yourself. 

I  was listening to CopyBlogger‘s podcast, The Lede, and branding expert and author, Sally Hogshead, was the guest. She was talking about being fascinating and branding yourself in such a way where that’s evident – organically. Needless to say, she held my rapt attention. She emphasized the importance of unlocking your natural ability to fascinate, finding what aspects of your character/personality make you different and the advantage all that knowledge gives you.

That’s why I want to share this AMAZING assessment tool by Sally called the Fascination Advantage Assessment.

I know you’ve probably taken a kajillion personally tests, but the Fascination Advantage assessment is more than that.

It’s based off a fascinating (ha!) framework with 49 archetypes she created to help us unlock our natural ability to fascinate others. It also helps us describe ourselves in a way that illustrates how we best add value to the world when we are at our best AND in a way that is accurate with how the world sees us.

This was HUGE for me because even though I often describe myself as a “digital strategist” that description wasn’t really crystal clear about how I was different and how I added value in such a saturated market like social media and digital strategy.

This assessment changed the game for how I market myself, and I think it could really do the same for you. 

My whole objective is to help you win. And to do that, you MUST know yourself. Beyond that, it’s also imperative to know how the world sees you.

So, I dare you to take Sally’s Fascination Advantage assessment (it’s FREE! and pretty short) to identify your archetype and ultimately gain the tools to understand and communicate how you add unique value to the world.

To take advantage of this free tool, simply use the access code: copyblogger (courtesy of one of my favorite sites/podcasts).

Plus, when you finish…you’ll have some adjectives that’ll make you sound pretty cool. 😉

Why is this so important?

Because a lot of people who market themselves get it wrong. They try to compete with numbers, stats, rock-bottom pricing and other gimmicks that after a while, diminish their value, which quickly turns anything they offer into a commodity. And when you hit the commodity territory, you’re not competing based on value, you have very little that differentiates you from everyone else, and you start to blend in – creating a hellish rat race for yourself.

If you’re curious, I classify as a Catalyst, so the way I fascinate is through passion (you should see me tell a story about something exciting) and my love for innovation (I love thinking outside the box). I connect with others very quickly, am relationship oriented and I love big ideas.

Before I end this, I want to emphasize that there’s so much more to the Fascination Advantage that I don’t have enough room to describe here. In fact, Sally wrote a bestselling book about it: How the World Sees You, that goes in depth and gives you MORE tools, more information and more insight – like help with identifying a personal anthem (think of it as a tagline on steroids).

After reading Sally’s book and using the tools she gives to create a personal anthem, I was able to craft mine.

My anthem is: “I’m an innovative catalyst delivering dynamic digital strategies.”

How cool is that?! It describes what I love to do, who I am, (and what I am pretty good at) to a tee.

That’s my unique advantage. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments!

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